Bachelorette Party Ideas and Games

Given that the wedding season is just around the corner, women should be ready for teary love declarations, billowing white tulle, and most interestingly, bachelorette parties. These parties usually take place between a week and three months prior to the wedding day. However, it is not a good idea to throw such a party on the night before the wedding. The point of scheduling it a few weeks before the big day is to give her friends a break between the wedding celebrations. Below is a look at some awesome bachelorette party ideas.

One idea is to buy a scrapbook with removable pages and then mailing a page each to all of her girlfriends. Among the games and supplies related to this would be to ask all the girlfriends to decorate one side of the page with funny memories and quotes, photos of them with the bride, mementos of the friendship, or even a letter. On the other page side, the friends can write out one of their favorite recipes.

For the laid back ladies, a spa day is among the perfect party themes. It suits those who just want to sit back and get pampered prior to the wedding rather than risking a hangover by partying it up. The bride to be can grab her closest friends and bond over massages, manicures and pedicures or visit one of those places having huge mud baths. Laid back women can also attend liquor or wine tasting. They can choose a designated driver or rent a limo in order to attend the event. One thing the friends can do is purchase at each stop a bottle of the bride’s favorite wine for her to share with the groom.

For the more adventurous ladies, a trapeze class is advised. Here, the bride can take a plunge with a trapeze class before taking the plunge of getting married. Alternatively, the can go for a scavenger hunt, which is quite great for the really outgoing bridal parties who enjoy going all out. However, for those who do not want to do the actual work and wish to just enjoy the hunt, there are firm who can organize such events. For instance, there are companies that feature a bar-craw type game that is entirely customizable. It has secret agents waiting in various bars having clues hidden in the agent somewhere.

The other great idea involves attending an ugly dress party. The bachelorette can find several ugly wedding dresses on the internet for cheap and get her bridesmaids and friends to wear them. It would be a lot of fun to go into town wearing them.  If this does not prove popular with friends, other idea would be to go for a baking party. The bridal party can take a joint baking class, with lots of sugar and yummy treats. If you are looking for games, check out our article on where to buy party supplies and invitations.

Irrespective of the ideas one has in mind, the bride and her colleagues should make transport plans. They should hire taxis if they will be taking alcoholic drinks.

When planning for these parties, the most important factor to consider is the personality of the bride. This is because the bride-to-be is the most important person in this occasion; therefore, any activity you decide to take part in must be in line with the bride’s likes and desires. If the bride prefers something low key, you can go for the old fashioned slumber party. This is where you buy or rent movies of various genres and watch them overnight with your girlfriends. Most slumber parties involve renting plenty of chick flicks, romance or wedding movies. For the bold ones, they get horror movies and scream the whole night which is quite fun. During such parties, there is plenty of pizza and wine and the girls eat without thinking of the calories involved.

For an outdoor experience, one can choose a day on the sun and sands. This is especially great for a wedding that is planned during the summer. You can decide to have a picnic by the beach with the girls and enjoy the waters all day. You can also decide to have an overnight picnic at a good resort and have a bonfire under the stars. This will offer you a great chance to share your thoughts and reminisce on the good times you have had together during your friendship. This also allows you some alone time with the girls for a little gossip.